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Everyone has some type of fetish, even if it isn’t one that is widely known to others. Some enjoy having their feet rubbed during a romantic encounter, while others opt for actions on the naughtier side. No matter what type of fetish you have, our Vegas escort girls know that wearing just the right clothing can spice up the encounter tremendously. Here are just some of the outfits our girls direct to your room have been known to wear to their sessions. This is in no way an exhaustive list, so please ask about anything you are interested in seeing one of our girls wear for your viewing pleasure. So tell us your preferences and we will all have a good time together.


Everyone enjoys having someone take care of them every now and again. Invite one of our girls to your room Vegas to show up donned in a complete nurse uniform, ready to let you know what you need to do to feel your absolute best. When a nurse alerts you how to act, most people comply because it is in their best interest to do so. 


Does your home or hotel room look unkempt? Do you need a bit of tidying up? One of our girls direct to you Las Vegas will show up to assist in your cleaning needs. She’ll wear a complete maid uniform, ready to bend and stretch, showing off what she’s got peeking out underneath that skirt and blouse. Who knew cleaning could actually be fun?


Saddle up, cowboy! A girl to your room Las Vegas wearing a cowboy hat, daisy dukes, and sexy leather boots is just what you need to get a rodeo started in the comfort of your room. Country girls definitely know how to have fun, and we can’t wait for you to experience the thrill of one of our sexy cowgirls showing up to share time with you!


Did you ever have a crush on a girl that went to school with you? Bring your fantasies out into the open with a schoolgirl experience in private. She’ll show up in uniform, complete with glasses, a book bag, and reading materials. Perhaps you can teach her a thing or two yourself?


The smooth feeling of latex is enough to get anyone hot and bothered. It shows off the physique perfectly and makes you wonder exactly what the bare skin underneath looks and feels like. Imagine one of our girls to your room in a complete head-to-toe black and shimmery catsuit. You’ll want to help you with whatever type of robbery she’s thinking about. Maybe she will even steal your heart!


If you are into feet, we have all types of surprises in store for you! High-heels, thigh-high boots, sandals, wedges, sneakers, slippers…the list goes on and on. Let one of our sexy beauties show off her strong leg muscles and perfectly manicured toes. See how long it takes for you to reach out and touch those feet!


If you are into animated pornography, having a Hentai experience with one of our Las Vegas girls direct to your room will make this fetish even more intense. Your date will show up dressed as one of your favorite naughty characters, giving you the chance to fulfill those fantasies you have had while watching your favorite shows. She’ll even bring some to view on your television or laptop to enhance the session even further.


If you’ve got some, light it up! Whether you are a seasoned weed user or not, spending time with a sexy woman who loves smoking pot herself is absolutely thrilling. She’ll show up with her own stash and share the goods with you. This will set the tone for the rest of your date together. Start with interesting conversations and end with intimacy on a whole new level.

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